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While each Auctions United sale receives personalized attention, we have developed certain criteria inherent in all successful real estate auctions. An awareness of these steps can help you decide whether an auction is the best way to market your properties. In our preliminary planning, we will sit down with our clients and discuss the complete auction process and set the sale date. We recommend a period of 45 days to market most properties.

Next we locate and inspect the subject properties, taking pictures and noting detailed information of each. All properties will be inspected no less than thirty days prior to the sale date. As part of the inspection process, we will make suggestions as to cosmetic grooming and repairs which would enhance the value of your property at auction.

Another possibility we might recommend would be subdividing the property into tracts. Our recommendations would be based upon existing road frontage and would give due consideration to topography and fences. We would ensure that any subdividing be done within the rules and regulations of local governing authorities. If necessary, we will meet with the local planning officials to determine how we can divide the property. We will present the preliminary plat to the planning commission/county commission for approval.

Our next step is to organize and implement a complete advertising campaign, including newspaper, TV, radio, brochure, internet advertising and auction signs to mark the property.

The signs are placed on the property and on all major roads leading to the property prior to the sale. Colorful brochures are printed and our staff handles the direct mail, using our investor, realtor, professional and personal mailing lists. Our goal for each auction is to attract the highest degree of interest from potential buyers. Therefore, we contact owners of adjoining property as well as investors, developers and other interested parties.

The property will be advertised on our company website and all information about the sale will be sent by electronic mail to our company e-mail list of prospective buyers.

Before the sale date, our representatives will be in the vicinity of your property, personally contacting prospective buyers. We will be holding public and/or private viewings of your real estate, passing out brochures, plats and answering questions of potential purchasers. This inspection period is mandatory for those properties with highly improved buildings or dwellings. We have found that the bidding is considerably more enthusiastic when the potential buyers are confident, having already viewed the interior of the buildings.

SALE DATE - Auctions United prefers to sell properties on site under the big tent. However, when several properties in different areas are liquidated, we conduct the sale from the conference center of a nearby hotel. Videos and slides are used to properly identify each item. Complimentary refreshments are available to all attending the sale.

Auctions United personnel attending each sale include professional auctioneers and sales staff with clerks and bookkeepers. Auctions United will prepare and secure all sales contracts, collecting the deposits from each buyer at the sale, with the balance due upon delivery of deed.

Auctions United personnel are licensed auctioneers, brokers and agents. All down payments are placed in an escrow account, regulated by the Real Estate and Auctioneers Commission. We are bonded as auctioneers and insured for liability to personnel and people attending our sales by Brown & Brown of Rome, Georgia. We look forward to the opportunity to view your properties and discuss the services our company has to offer.

We look after our clients' interests. Our unique approach blends a variety of advertising tools into a well-executed program of advertising, direct mail, personal selling techniques and successful marketing tactics.

Our team is composed of dedicated professionals with proven capabilities and more than 168 years of auction experience.

We are ready to earn your business with our knowledge of the auction profession; our reputation for integrity; innovative sales and marketing techniques; responsiveness to your needs; and dedicated, personal service.

Our goal is to offer the highest quality of professional, personalized service, at a reasonable price, in order to generate the most effective, profitable sale.

In addition to real estate auctions, our experience in business liquidations and personal property inventory auctions include . . .

star Estates
star Farm Equipment
star Automobiles
star Restaurants
star Nursery Stock
star Retail Inventory
star Sawmill & Logging Equipment
star Heavy Machinery & Equipment
star Mobile Homes
star Landscaping Equipment
star Industrial Equipment
star Antiques & Collectibles