Auctions United, Inc. has represented
the following agencies since 1979.

star Commercial Banks
star Community Banks
star City & County Governments
star School Boards & Systems
star United States Bankruptcy Courts & Trustees
star United States Small Business Administration
star United States Marshall
star Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
star Federal Land Bank
star Farm Credit Services

Auctions United, Inc. has represented many
clients across the United States including ...

star Resolution Trust Corporations
star Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
star U.S. Small Business Administration
star Federal Land Bank Association
star Farm Credit Services
star Commercial Banks
star Community Banks
star Credit Unions
star Municipalities
star Partnerships
star Savings & Loans
star Attorneys
star Foundations
star Developers
star United States Bankruptcy Court
star Universities & Colleges
star Investment Companies
star Limited Liability Corporations
star Realtors
star Insurance Companies
star Estates
star Trusts
star Individuals
star Charitable Organizations
star Educational Organizations
star Family Partnerships

In 1979, a conclave of experienced, professional auctioneers
met to discuss and take necessary action to fulfill the needs
of their clients. Those present witnessed the birth of a new concept in
the auction arena. A more personalized and service oriented business
than that of larger, existing competitors was established. Auctions
United, Inc. commenced operation.

Auctions United, Inc. has a total combined experience of over 168
years in the auction profession. It is to these years of experience that
they attribute their sustained success.

Auctions United, Inc. is based on the principal that dedicated,
personal service can provide better results than the rapid, assemblyline
techniques utilized by many other auction companies. Their
motto, “Your trust deserves the very best”, reflects this.

Auctions United, Inc. has had a high success rate since its founding.
We take a great deal of pride in their reputation among businesses,
financial institutions and individuals. Auctions United’s experience is
unparalleled in the industry, as we have handled sales of real estate
from commercial and industrial to farm, residential and resort
properties. Our experience also includes the sale of farm and
industrial equipment, antiques and furnishings. While Auctions
United’s primary market area is the seven southeastern states,
Auctions United’s gavel has reached as far as California and

Virtually anything which can be sold has been sold by the Auctions
United professionals. On this website you will find listed a few of the
many clients Auctions United has represented — firms that will give
you an honest appraisal of Auctions United’s people and assurance
of their past and present performance.